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This Lady Who Got Mugged For Her Groceries By A Pack Of Dogs Probably Had It Coming

Listen. I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions. From a distance it looks like the dogs are in the wrong here. Running up on some poor old lady and harassing her until she gives up the groceries. That doesn’t look great for the dogs. But seeing as dogs can do no wrong, that lady absolutely had it coming. She might’ve even stole those groceries. She’s probably a murderer. She’s probably a shitty friend. Or even more likely, she’s a human so she’s more than likely an asshole who deserved to get her groceries snatched. Dogs have a sixth sense about this stuff. They wouldn’t just run up on her with ski masks on unless it were completely necessary. Not to mention that dog likely didn’t even eat that bread. He probably took it to a homeless shelter and shared with all the homeless people. Again, I don’t wanna jump to any conclusion. I’m just basing this off what I know about this world and how humans and dogs operate.