Madonna Put Her Disgusting Possible Ass Implants On Display Twerking With Ariana Grande At A Benefit

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I’m not necessarily a petty person. People annoy you or upset you along the way, it doesn’t do good to harp on revenge or getting caught up in things that have passed. But for as long as Madonna continues to delusionally trot her disgusting visage out there and now drag innocent sexy pop starlets like Ariana Grande down with her and her fans enable this kind of shameful behavior, I will continue to shine a painful light on Madonna’s desperate clings to physical and social relevancy.

I understand Madonna’s been the “sexy older gal” before back when she was swapping spit with a just-about-to-lose-her-mind Britney Spears. I understand a lot of guys out there may have some sentimentality for when she was a young reckless harlot fucking her way through pop stardom, buckets of semen piling up alongside her as fast as the platinum records. But she’s FIFTY EIGHT. You don’t have to be out there twerking with your at-best weird old lady ass/at-worst awful surgery ass when you’ve done as much as she has. Donors probably fled the room in horror, never wanting to give a red cent or a drop of water to Malawi after the crimes they indirectly inflicted upon their eyes. Let Ariana Grande twerk, hype her up, Madonna can smack her ass or whatever, she can still be the saucy older gal without trotting yourself out there like a stripper who can’t afford to get off the pole. This sounds like hate but it’s not. Dignity for Madonna and her fans, that’s what I want out of this. And an apology. And not to see Madonna’s ass ever again. Then we’re good.