It's Been Two Days and Tom Brady Still Hasn't Heard from Roger Goodell


NESN  – The idea of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell calling Tom Brady for breaking the record of wins by a starting quarterback drew a hearty laugh from the New England Patriots signal caller.

Jim Gray asked Brady if Goodell, President Barack Obama or President-elect Donald Trump had called the QB after winning his 201st game Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. …

On Goodell: “I got that question earlier today, and no. But I wouldn’t expect that anyway. That’s fine. He’s probably got plenty of other things important, as well.”

What’s the oldest cliche in the world about bullies? It’s that deep down, they’re all just self-loathing cowards who fear nothing like they do the idea of anyone standing up to them. From Biff Tannen to Scut Farkas to Nelson Muntz, the second any one of their victims treats them to the bitter taste of clenched-fisted revenge across the jaw, they lose all their fight and become the chickenshit invertebrate they always were. Their spirit broken for good, washing and waxing George McFly’s car in the driveway.

And has there ever been a greater example of this principle than Roger Goodell? He was the baddest man on the planet when he was hiding behind his sleazy lawyers and 44 states were hailing him as a hero for finally unlocking the mystery of how Tom Brady managed to stay so good for so long. But now that we’re coming up on two full years of Brady playing with (allegedly) properly inflated footballs, he’s playing better than he ever has in his life and continues to win, this big ginger douchebag is being exposed as the poncy little sissy boy he is.

Even if you’ve screwed another man over royally, for $40 million a year, don’t you have a professional obligation to acknowledge an accomplishment like becoming the winningest quarterback of all time? I mean, what kind of a man can’t make a phone call?  A man who has one set of rules for one team and another set for the other 31, that’s what kind. And also spineless coward. Goodell knows there’s nothing Brady can do to him. Or would, for that matter.

Brady has long since gone all Zen about what the NFL did to him, and the worst he’d do on his end of the phone is probably quote from “The Four Agreements.” It would be awkward. But it would have taken one minute out of the Commissar’s day. Then he could’ve gone back to his busy schedule of abusing his underlings, counting his money and making excuses for wife beaters. That’s what pussies do.