Bad Posture Is Suddenly What’s Hot In the Streets



Listen if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Tom Brady and I are virtually the same person. Both stunningly good looking dudes who went to Michigan class of 99, came to Boston and won championship after championship. We both went bald at about the same time. And now this new development. We both have the same exact posture. Or as I like to call it the posture of champions. For centuries standing straight was seen as a symbol of power and status. Not anymore. Not when 2 of the biggest winners of recent memory have both gone slumped shoulders. This is no illusion. This is no accident. Bad posture is suddenly good posture. Good posture is suddenly bad posture. I mean if MVPs, moguls and millionaires are slumping maybe you should too. #balldontlie #badposturedontlie