Yankees To Retire Derek Jeter's Number On May 14th

If you need me on May 14th, you know where I will be. Crying somewhere in Yankee Stadium because my childhood hero is getting his number retired. We all saw this coming because Derek Jeter is on the Mount Rushmore of Yankee greats and the timing makes perfect sense. The last two years, we were in contention for the playoffs and had a team filled with proven veterans while finishing 2nd in AL attendance in 2016. In 2017 however, the team may not be in contention and will be filled with young unproven talent, so scheduling a Sunday sellout in May against Houston makes perfect sense.

On top of having his number retired, he will also be receiving a plaque in Monument Park to commemorate his career. In a few years we will debate if Jeter should be the first unanimous inductee into the Hall Of Fame (he won’t) but these honors are about what he did for the Yankees organization. Jeter holds the records in Yankee history for most:

  • At-Bats
  • Hits
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Stolen Bases
  • Games Played

When you look at the list of Yankee offensive records, it’s all Jeter, Ruth and Gehrig, so you know he’s in good company. Add in his 5 World Championships, 14 All-Star appearances, 5 Gold Gloves, 5 Silver Sluggers, A World Series MVP and a Rookie Of The Years award and it’s easy to see why fans and the team love him. He even holds the record for the longest tenure as team captain, at 11 years. That’s where Derek Jeter sits in Yankee history and why he deserves everything the Yankees are going to give him on May 14th.

And now for Yankee fans to get misty and Yankee haters to get mad, here are some career highlights.

First Home Run

The Flip (He was out)

The Dive

Mr. November

Lead Off Home Run In 2000 World Series (Hi KFC and Clem)

3,000th Hit (Video From Jay-Z)

Last At-Bat in Yankee Stadium

PS: Remember when the Yankees blew the lead in Jeter’s last game and KFC tweeted this before Jeter won the game? That was fun.