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Drunk Dude Goes From Talking Shit To Out Cold In Approximately 30 Seconds After A Devastating KO Punch

I appreciate how the dude didn’t make us wait for it. You know how in a lot of these fight videos you have to wait through 4 or 5 minutes, skipping to different parts but trying not to get too far so you don’t spoil the actual climax? Have to watch the shit talking escalate, the stances get a little wider, all the posturing, sizing each other up, adjusting and readjusting and readjusting again, until one dude finally snaps and throws the first punch.

Not in this case. Black dude heard what the drunk guy had to say, gave him about 20 seconds of finger pointing, calmly delivered a devastating right hook to his face and knocked him the fuckkkkkkkkk out. Anticipation and build up has its place but sometimes you just need to get in, see a drunk idiot get taught a lesson and peacefully sleep on the concrete with blood coming out of his earholes, and get out.