Trump's Going To Punish The Shit Out Of Companies For Leaving The USA. And He Thought SNL Sucked Last Night.

Appreciate the president-elect staying hip and keeping up with the common man. Nothing shows leadership better than grinding out live Saturday night TV to give real-time reviews to the people. Obama never did that — Sad!


Seriously, the rust belt states are going to love the shit out of this. I think Trump might not even know there’s an actual presidency period and he’s just running for reelection already. Saying we’ll toss people in jail for burning the American flag? Saying we’ll tax the fuck out of companies for producing products elsewhere then selling them back into the US? I don’t hate it but he DEFINITELY thinks he’s just permanently running for president. January 20th is going to be such a stunning day for him.

PS — I guess when you get calls from the president of Taiwan you can do whatever you want.