I Can't Get Enough Of Dan Hicks Over-Laughing At Tiger's Joke

I love it. Funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Dan Hicks absolutely HOWLING over a mediocre joke from Tiger Woods. That joke wasn’t near as funny as Hicks made it out to be but Hicks sold the shit out of it. I thought he was gonna tumble outta his chair. Tiger could’ve said literally anything right there and Hicks would’ve pissed his pants. You know why I love it? Cause I felt the same way. I’m always down to butter Tiger’s bread. I’ll stroke his ego all damn day. If it means he’s gonna keep playing as well as he has these last couple days then I’ll suck his goddamn dick if I have to. I know Dan Hicks agrees. We’re all just happy he’s back. David Feherty had a good chuckle as well but Hicks really carried the load. The media isn’t quite sure how to handle this new, friendly Tiger so they just default to over-laughing at his jokes. Fucking hysterical.