This Dog Getting All Sorts Of Sensual With His Owner's Purse Is A Fantastic Animal Video

I fucking love this dog. As an owner of two girl dogs, I’m always kind of horrified how they lack some of the feminine grace you might expect. They’re cute as shit but they’re destroying things or aggressively and shamelessly licking their dumb dog pussies, it’s not what you’d think you’re getting with a couple of ladies. But this dog, whom I think is male but I dunno, is puuuuuure sensuality like you’d expect from a lady dog. Moving around so delicately, savoring every flick of the fringes on that purse, curling his spine with satisfaction as the fibers of his fur are tantalized with unadulterated pleasure. That’s like how you imagine human women masturbate: sitting in a bathtub with the candles on, some sort of sultry R&B in the background, bubbles flying about as she flicks the ol’ bean (I could have chosen a more delicate euphemism for female masturbation). That’s what that dog is doing with this purse. Pure feminine sensuality right out of a Cinemax movie.

Also I guess this dog behavior is called “trancing,” now you have that bit of information and it will likely not stay in your head but enjoy it while it lasts.