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Snoop Dogg Wishes DeSean Jackson a Very Happy 30th Birthday

Happy birthday to one of the realest to ever come out of the LB. DeSean Jackson is 30 years old today. He’s been a polarizing figure his entire career- super talented, bit of an ego, always stirring up trouble and controversy.

He’s been my bug-a-boo during his tenure in DC because you know how good this guy is, but you also know how little he tries. He straight up has stopped practicing this season and the Skins have done a wonderful, miraculous job of sweeping it under the rug. They just keep making up injuries for him when it’s crystal clear he just can’t be bothered to practice anymore. But hey, as long as it’s not starting issues in the media or the clubhouse, that’s all that matters. As long as he’s still spreading the offense and making 60 yard catches, I don’t give a fuckkkk if he never practices again.

With the emergence of Crowder and the drafting of Doctson, it’s unlikely DJax is back with the team next year. To me, his legacy will be basically what I just said- very talented, important to the maturation of Cousins, but bad work ethic and a bit too egotistical. I’m just glad he’s calmed down and isn’t a distraction anymore, but a tiger never really changes his stripes. All that being said, still hoping he doesn’t sign in the division next year.