Adam Schefter Re-Signs With ESPN And Will Add "NBA Sideline Reporter" To His Responsibilities


SI- Sometime in the near future you are going to be watching an NBA game on ESPN or ESPN2 and the person on the sideline is going to produce a double take.

Yes, that is Adam Schefter.

As part of a new five-year extension with ESPN, Schefter and ESPN management have added some new assignments for the longtime NFL insider.

They include:
• A new podcast tentatively titled “Know Them From Adam: The Adam Schefter Show” that will debut in January.
• Some NBA sideline reporting assignments during the regular season when Schefter’s NFL workload is light.
• A sideline reporting assignment (with Lisa Salters) for ESPN/ABC’s 2017 NFL Wild Card telecast.

Ohhhhhh shitttttt, Draymond Green picked the wrong reporter to fuck with. Now Bristol’s Little Bad Boy is going to bring the fight to Draymond’s front door instead of his timeline. I never thought of Schefter as the King Joffrey type, but you can’t tell me this move wasn’t done with the thought of having Draymond’s head on a spike by the time the season is over. Napoleonic as fuck. Sure a guy that has to go tippy toes with just the personalities in Bristol is going to have a hard time being surrounded by the tallest athletes on the planet. But scared money don’t make money. And do you think Gregg Popovich wants to mess with a ruthless vato like this?

HELL NO. It’s a new era. Now Schefter can diversify his portfolio while also murdering all the Twitter nerds that tell him to stick to football when he starts dabbling in other sports news while also ensuring he will never have to talk to his wife again since the NBA and NFL news cycles combine to span over the entire year.

Now lets go to Brian Windhorst and see if he is scared about Schefter taking over his NBA insider corner. Brian, are you worried?

He’s worried. Buster Olney and Barry Melrose should be too. The Schefter Train is just getting started and they are all laying on the tracks. Choo choo baby. Choo choo.

P.S. Despite all this momentum, Know Them From Adam is legitimately the worst title for something sports related since Any Given Wednesday (RIP).