5 Year Old In Trouble Because She Cannot Stop Laughing At Her Teacher's Name, Miss Butt

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Mirror - A furious mum was hauled into an emergency school meeting because her five-year-old daughter can’t stop laughing at her teacher’s name.

Little Annalise Terumalai told her mum she could not stop giggling every time she heard the words Miss Butt.

Priscilla later met Miss Butt at a parents’ council meeting at the east London school where she told the teacher her child found the name amusing.


This is in no way the the 5 year old’s fault. 0%. Nothing. This is 110% on Miss Butt. If your name is Miss Butt, you cannot become a teacher for children. I don’t care if it was your lifelong dream to be a teacher, some things just are not meant to be. You have to go into a different line of work, or change your name all together. Because if you stay as Miss Butt, you will start a laugh riot with 5 year olds every single day on the job for the rest of your life. No learning will get done. No ABCs, no 123s. Shit, I’m sitting here snickering at her name and I’m 28. Because when it comes down to it, being named Miss Butt is funny. Everyone knows it. Everyone laughs. So spare the 5 year old, and fire Miss Butt. That’s the only solution.