Man Kills Therapy Dog With Bow And Arrow And Gets The Worst Punishment Imaginable


WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma – A 12-year-old girl is fighting two battles – one with Leukemia and the other over the loss of her beloved therapy dog, Tank.
Shelby Shuffitt and her grandfather, Junior Gray, are best buds – growing even closer after Shelby was diagnosed with leukemia in May.

“Me and papa have our days out on Saturdays,” she said. “And we saw Tank, and we looked at each other and we said, ‘We got to have him.'”

But, two weeks ago, they could hear Tank barking then crying.

“The first thing Shelby and I saw was the arrow sticking straight out from between his eyes,” Gray said.

Within minutes, Tank had passed away.

With tears in their eyes, they spotted a bow hunter just off their property.

Gray said, “I said, ‘What happened?’ He said, ‘Your dog tried to bite me.'”

The hunter claimed Tank charged, but Gray said he had never done that, and he confronted the hunter, but then the former pastor turned the other cheek.

“‘I’ll tell you what I’m going to do fella, I’m going to forgive you,” Gray said. “And I said, ‘See that little girl standing over there?’ And I said, ‘That was her therapy dog.'”

Gray said the hunter asked what he could do and he told him to leave and think about what he did.

“Not just to the dog, but breaking this poor girl’s heart,” he said.

Gray did not ask the man’s name and did not call the police, believing his granddaughter’s tearful eyes were punishment enough.


Im not a conspiracy theory guy, but this feels like a conspiracy. I’m not sure what the end game is but there is one. That’s for sure. Some bow hunter is on your property, shoots your dog right between the eyes with a bow and arrow, claims your well-behaved certified good boy tried to bite him, and you just tell him to think about what he’s done? That’s it. That’s how you seek justice? That’s what I do when my four-year-old spills her milk. She’s too much of a big girl to be doing that. She needs to think about her actions. I wouldn’t have the same reaction if she killed someone’s therapy dog with a bow and arrow.

Here’s my theory. It wasn’t a real therapy dog. Real therapy dogs are expensive as fuck and take months to train. No one is acting all Ho Hum, Salt of The Earth, about their death. The bottom end of therapy dogs are gonna run you about 4k. No dad/grandpa in the world is gonna say “I just want you to think about the 4k dollars you lost me, pal. That’ll teach you.”

Second part of the theory. The grandfather shot the dog. Again, the dog isn’t (wasnt. RIP Tank) a real therapy dog and the grandfather is a madman with no heart trying to make it seem like his heart is huge. Classic case of misdirection. He shot the dog because he was tired of Tank. Tank was supposed to be masquerading as a service dog, but he wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore, so he caught one between the eyes. The jig was up. Tank didn’t deserve it. The story fell apart from the beginning because I don’t believe for a second that Tank would try to bite someone. He was a good boy.