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Turns Out The U Of I Denied HBO's Request To Bring "Girls" To Campus And Film


Iowa Press-Citizen- HBO wanted to bring its hit show “Girls” to the University of Iowa to film Hannah Horvath – who is played by the show’s creator Lena Dunham – attending the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but UI put a kibosh on the idea.??UI spokesman Tom Moore confirmed university officials were contacted by HBO and denied its request to film episodes on campus. He declined to elaborate.??“We are not discussing this matter any further,” Moore said. If you haven’t heard, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop became part of the plot twist Sunday during the season finale of “Girls,” one of the hottest series on television. Hannah receives a letter about her acceptance into the prestigious program which sets off a lot of excitement among the girls. Word of the denial recently appeared in an article posted on

Fucking BULLSHIT.  This news ruined my day, week, year and life.  Why would the University of Iowa turn down HBO’s request to let “Girls” film on campus?  Makes zero sense.  Too much positive publicity for the program and the University?  The show is too popular and loved?  Or maybe they’re just dead set on crushing a young blogger’s dream of becoming a full fledged TV star.  The fact that the U of I spokesman declined to elaborate really grinds my gears.  I want answers and I want them now.