Today In Asians Doing Weird Shit: Introducing The Japanese Amusement Park Spa

You know how waiting in those 3-hour-long lines to ride some shitty roller coaster is the worst experience ever because everybody is fat and sweaty and smelly? Well looks like Japan has found a way to make that experience even less enticing by throwing all those fat sweaty smelly assholes in a towel and making you sit in disgusting bath water whilst riding said roller coaster.



At this point I guess I’m just impressed more than anything. Every time we blog Japan, I’m certain that they can’t top themselves. I’ve said this before. The Japanese are at war with themselves. They’re in a one-nation competition to see who can be the most bizarre group of people in the world. We keep telling them that they’re the weirdest. We concede time and time again, reassuring them that we’ll never out-bizarro the Japanese. Yet they still keep coming up with ideas like the spamusement park and set the bar even higher. It’s a truly astounding accomplishment, really.

But yeah. Waiting in line with a bunch of random strangers wearing a towel only to sit in a tub full of what is presumably 73% urine just doesn’t sound all too enticing to me. But this is what we’ve come to know and love from Japan. Buncha freaks day in and day out. Their consistency is admirable.

h/t Gizmodo