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A Chick Fight Went From Fisticuffs To A Round Of Bumper Cars With Actual Automobiles And I Love The Move

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 1.12.18 PM

For as much of a bad move as it may be to start upgrading from “relatively innocent street fight” to “potential vehicular manslaughter” when in an altercation with other human beings, I kinda don’t hate the move by this chick. She realized she wasn’t winning the battle on foot and instead had to go all Twisted Metal on their asses to get herself back on track. You think Sun Tzu would sit there waiting for three giant bitches to beat him down when he’s already lost the upper hand? Of course not. If we were doing a 2016 update to The Art of War, 1) Sun Tzu would be very confused by the rise of digital book publishing 2) The chapter on “Vanquishing the Enemy in a World Star Video” would have something about winning at all costs for the sake of the internet and your reputation. I’d MUCH rather be remembered as the chick who got her ass kicked and went back to war with an SUV instead of the chick who got stomped out and punked out by the Weight Watchers meeting crew. Never back down. Bumper Car Chick and the hard work she put in on behalf of female drivers across the globe is not only sending a message, she’s making ancient Chinese generals proud. That’s all I can ask of a woman.

(h/t Rafael, @theylovepotty_)