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Ravens-Bengals "Bring Your Shovel" Live Blog

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The Ravens have a golden opportunity right in front of them today. I didn’t expect the Bengals to be where they are at 3-6-1, yet here they are. They’re ripe for the picking. They’ve got two feet in the grave. They’re a team that’s had the Ravens number so many times in recent years, often in games that decided the division in the Bengals’ favor. Now they’re right in the Ravens’ crosshairs and it’s only Week 12. Gotta love it.

Better yet, AJ Green is out and may be out when they play again in Week 17. What a blessing. That guy OWNS the Ravens, through and through. If the Ravens can’t get the job done today then it’ll never happen for this team. They can pack it in if they take an L. Can’t lose home divisional games at this point in the year. And I don’t think they will. I think they’ve been making slow and steady strides every week, and it’s only a matter of time before they break out and start dominating teams. What better opportunity than today. Get it done boys.

Ravens win 31-17