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Trump Sharpening Up As President-Elect, Now Basing Tweets Off My Electoral College Blogs

So The Donald got ahold of his twitter account again this morning and fired off a couple quick tweets. One, hilariously, was about how great the Electoral College is.

Hilarious because of tweets like this from 2012.

However, just when I thought he was going down a path from which there would be no return, when I thought he had reached the terminal velocity of President-elect ridiculousness in picking a piece of shit like Steve Bannon to be his Chief Strategist, he does something to TOTALLY REDEEM himself and reveals he’s been reading my blogs.

What I wrote yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 1.33.47 PM

What he tweeted this morning.

I’m not saying this is a full recovery from appointing wildly shitty people to some of the most powerful and influential positions in the United States government, but it’s a start. Love that the political section of Barstool Sports lies right there next to the National Security briefings on Trump’s morning reading list. Geaux Riggs indeed.

PS — Shoutout to the “pheasant-elect” going viral in China.