I'm Not Sure I Can Remain Internet Friends With Mo After He Called The Movie Cedar Rapids "Straight To DVD"


cr tomato

It’s been tough sledding for yours truly these past couple a days.  Just taking it from every angle in the trenches of blogging.  First, yesterday Big Cat straight up bought all the available real estate inside my brain by taunting me from the other side of the Mississippi River and stealing the story of the year* right out from under me.  Not to mention the GChat Gang is always just around the corner waiting to steal my lunch money and give me a wedgie.  And now today Mo decides to step on my head while I’m drowning and say the movie that was about my hometown was “straight to DVD”.  Just spitting in the face of every Cedar Rapidian that ever lived.  I can’t catch a break.  Here I was thinking Mo and I were friends after tweeting back and forth yesterday about how awesome and underrated the Dewey Cox movie is and then he goes and stabs me in the back with the ferocity of a sworn enemy.  A quicker turnaround these eyes have never seen.  The movie Cedar Rapids is hilarious and in no way was straight to DVD.  That’s just a fact.  Ed Helms and John C. Reilly make it a laugh a minute.  One of the better comedies of the past decade.  The only explanation is that Mo is jealous that he lives in place not called Iowa and his jealously finally boiled over with that Onion article so he felt the need to lash out.

*Next time somebody decides to be the biggest asshole in the world and put razor blades on playground equipment, at least have the fucking decency to do it my neck of the woods.