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The Iowa Press-Citizen Has A Sense Of Humor, Who Knew?


That was unexpected.  If I have one major pet peeve with Twitter it’s that almost every newspaper/corporation/company that has a Twitter account plays it super safe.  Tweeting out vanilla news updates, links and shit like that.  It’s obviously because too many companies have been burned by tweeting out something insensitive or something not politically correct (See: Pretty much any tweet on MLK Day) but it’s still one of the most annoying things about Twitter.  So when a respected Iowa newspaper responds with a joke to a smut blogger who’s tweeting about shitting his pants because he hears unexpected tornado sirens you’re gonna get my attention and my respect.  Plain and simple.  So shout out to the faceless person running the Iowa Press-Citizen Twitter account.  I have a new found respect for you and your newspaper.