SNL Drops A Teaser For Dave Chappelle's Upcoming Hosting Appearance

Holy shit! Chin up everybody. Dave Chappelle is hosting SNL this weekend. I honestly forgot all about this after last night. I really did. That makes me feel a whole lot better. How often does SNL drop a teaser trailer for an upcoming host? I’m honestly asking cause I feel like it never happens. Or maybe they do it every time and I’m just an idiot. I don’t watch SNL on a regular basis to know these types of things. But if there was ever a time to drop a teaser trailer for a host, this was it. Dave fucking Chappelle making his triumphant return to sketch comedy. My hope is that the SNL writers just took the entire week off and are letting Chappelle rule the writer’s room. I wanna know what his brain has been cooking up since Chappelle’s Show went off the air in 2006. It’s safe to say there’s plenty of material out there for him to work off of.