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New York Jets Mailbag - Second Half Preview

The New York Jets are on one of the least exciting two game winning streaks in recent NFL history, with victories over the Ravens and Browns. They have a chance to beat a slightly less mediocre team this Sunday in Miami and pull within one game of .500. Can the Jets make some type of second half run? Listen to this week’s podcast and check out this week’s mailbag below. Thanks for sending in the questions via Twitter!

Sheldon Richardson is probably getting traded this offseason. They tried to pull this off right before the deadline but didn’t lower their price demands enough, I’d guess that changes in March. This coaching staff has not shown an ability to effectively use all three and it makes sense to spread resources around the roster. It is hard to see a scenario where they pay all three long term so get a mid round pick for Sheldon and begin accumulating draft capital since teams that have sustainable success are predominantly built through the NFL Draft. 

The Jets have multiple talented young pieces, Leonard Williams, Quincy Enunwa, Muhammad Wilkerson, Darron Lee, James Carpenter and Brian Winters among others. They will also have a decent amount of money to spend once they get a few veterans off their books this offseason. We don’t know who the quarterback will be but as of now he literally cannot be worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is dead last in multiple passing categories. Ultimately, their long term success or failures are going to be built around how the 2015, 2016 and 2017 draft picks develop and perform. 

Yes. The team is going to give their second round pick another chance when fully healthy and with a quarterback who can throw the football over 10 yards. This regime clearly likes vertical receivers (Smith, Anderson, Peake) paired with big arm but questionable everything else quarterbacks (Petty, Hackenberg). They are not going to cut bait so soon. 

The biggest need is still quarterback and edge rusher but cornerback is not far behind. Darrelle Revis is not trying anymore. Buster Skrine is best suited for the slot. Marcus Williams has been meh this year. Juston Burris is only a 4th round pick so you have to temper expectations. The Jets need to invest an early round pick or some free agency money to this position after a misguided splurge on Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Skrine post 2014. 

Through eight games the Jets best player on offense has been Enunwa and best player on defense has been Williams so that statement isn’t really true. Hopefully, the Jets begin accumulating draft capital and use it smartly. They need to build the middle and lower class of their roster by effectively utilizing early and middle round selections. There also needs to be a better distribution of resources across the roster. It is not smart to be loaded at defensive end but barren at linebacker and corner. It is not smart to be loaded at wide receiver but barren at quarterback, tight end and offensive tackle. 

This owner, fanbase and marketplace isn’t built for a long term rebuild, unfortunately. I don’t doubt Woody cares about winning but he also cares about his business/brand. The Jets are going to spend to be better but can they spend smartly and start drafting better?