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Frank Thomas Faced The Shit Out Of Pete Rose On The World Series Post-Game

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Inside the NBA better hold onto that “best pre/in/post game show in sports” crown while they can, because these fellas are coming for it. Smart, funny, well-researched, informative, the whole shebang. They even zing and zap each other, just like you and your buddies do. Couple pals sitting around, talking baseball, and making fun of each other because one’s gambling addiction has kept him out of baseball’s Hall of Fame. You know, Wednesday night shit.

I’m curious if Pete Rose heard him and/or put it together, though? He had basically no reaction. I get that move, though. It’s like when a dickhead buddy tries to make a joke about some shit you shouldn’t have done in front of your girlfriend and you just put your head down and try to power through the conversation. Hope she didn’t catch it and put that discussion in fast forward so you get as far away from that comment as you can. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s your friend trying to subtly joke (even though they’re never as subtle as they think) about how you went out last Friday and didn’t tell your girlfriend or whether it’s Frank Thomas making fun of an addict, we’ve all been running and hiding from comments like that with the quickest of quicknesses.