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If The Show "Girls" Actually Comes To Iowa City I Am Ready And Willing To Be An Extra


Iowa Press-CitizenThe Iowa Writers’ Workshop became part of the plot twist Sunday during the season finale of “Girls,” one of the hottest series on television. Hannah Horvath – who is played by the show’s creator Lena Dunham – receives a letter about her acceptance into the prestigious program which sets off a lot of excitement among the girls. Chang said Hannah’s predicament — a young woman living and working in Brooklyn — is not unlike many of the students who are invited to move to Iowa City to be part of the workshop.??“Since we’re just now recruiting our new students for next fall, I am in the process of talking with a few of them about the issue of leaving New York (or San Francisco, or Seattle) and moving to the Midwest for two years,” she said. “When I heard that Hannah had been accepted to the program, I experienced a powerful imaginative flash into the head of this new perspective student with relocation issues. ??“I mentally added her the list of people to call,” Chang added. “This is probably the only time I’ll ever experience such a surreal pop culture reflection of my actual life. It’s hilarious — or, it would be, if I had the time to stop and laugh.”??The workshop is mentioned several times throughout the episode, which ends with Hannah hugging her acceptance letter.

So I guess this happened in the Season 2 finale on Sunday?  The main character of the show got an acceptance letter to the Iowa Writers Workshop and might actually go?  That’d be a pretty big shift for a show that is based in Brooklyn but alright.  Maybe they’ll do just a couple episodes here if at all?  I’m fully willing to admit that I watched the first season of Girls and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was different and had some pretty funny moments.  But I didn’t watch a single episode of Season 2.  Kinda forgot about it and once it got started I never felt the urge to catch up.  I do that a lot with TV shows.  I watched the first season of Mad Men and haven’t watched an episode since.  No idea why.  Anyway, if Girls actually comes to Iowa City I just want to get the word out there that I’m ready and willing to be an extra on the show.  I’ll just walk around in the background of the Ped Mall and look awesome or whatever.  I’m awesome at walking around.  But if we’re being completely honest here, once they get a look at me they’ll at least give me a couple lines.  I have a face made for TV and the acting chops of a young Daniel Day Lewis.  Maybe they’d even give me a recurring role as a smut blogger who writes about Iowa stuff and the chick from Girls could constantly ask me how/why that’s actually a thing.  Maybe make a corn joke or two.  I hope this blog finds you and finds you well, Lena Dunham.  Just give me one shot.  That’s all I need.

Tell me this face shouldn’t be on TV.  You can’t.



Allison Williams is such a little minx.