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Phoenix Suns Dancer Really Nails His Flip At Their Halftime Show

What was the game plan here? You have to know whether you can or can’t execute a flip before you make the attempt. And that young man cannot execute a flip. A for effort for sure; it takes balls to put your neck on the line like this. Especially in front of a half-full crowd of Phoenix retirees, the toughest crowd in sports. But that guy got airborne and just stopped spinning halfway through the move. Finish your flip, man! Then again, this is what the Suns get for casting such a pigmentally challenged flight squad. That crew is whiter than the Barstool office, so the fact that even one of them landed their flip is essentially a win for the white delegation.

What’s sad is, as per my understanding, the other guys on the flight squad are the understudies for the mascot, or the guys who are gunning to be the gorilla in the suit. So what’s that gonna mean when this gorilla is ready to shed his skin? Is the Louis Stevens/Nick Jonas love child going to be the new high flying gorilla? I don’t freaking think so. The gorilla was a once-proud mascot tradition.

Now we’re reduced to this? The Suns would be better off letting Smitty get a crack at joining their squad of aerialists and acrobats.