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Did Conor McGregor Break Up A Fight Between Two Kids? You Be The Judge

This video is making the ol’ internet rounds today. What you see is one kid pummeling another kid within a breath of his life while other kids nonchalantly eat some pupcorn and watch. Then all of a sudden out of the sky comes in a man in a suit to chase away the bad guy. And according to the person whose tweet has 9k RT’s in a couple of hours, that man in Conor McGregor.

The proof for it being him? The accent, the size looks about right, and the suit. McGregor pretty much only wears suits with pocket squares these days, as is the guy in video.

The argument against it being him: Nobody was like “oh shit it’s Conor McGregor!”, why would Conor McGregor be walking around Ireland in a suit, it was uploaded to the internet so everyone has to immediately assume it’s fake.

Regardless of if it’s him or not (I hope it is because I love a good story), I think the even bigger story in this video is the kid on the ground was getting his ass absolutely positively whooped. If it was Conor he should have gotten that kid’s contact information, that’s an MMA prodigy if I’ve ever seen one. Might be why “Conor” broke it up, doesn’t want anyone else to swoop in and sign him up.