The Cubs Roasted Kyle Schwarber For His High School Choir Dance

That’s one hell of a turnaround for Kyle Schwarber. I know the original video has already made the rounds, but it’s the first time I’ve watched it since he’s been in the World Series. To go from high school choir backup dancer to World Series legend has to be an unprecedented act in the history of mankind. I’ve made this point many times before, but it’s worth throwing out there one last time — how can you hate the Cubs? They’re the most likable juggernaut team ever. Yeah, they won 103 games, and they were favored to win the World Series from wire to wire, and with being the best comes jealousy and hate, but how in the hell can you hate guys like David Ross, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Kyle Schwarber? You cant.


Also, I love how Schwarber didn’t forget a single step of that dance routine. That’s how he was able to miss the entire season, not see major league pitching for six months, and then come back in the World Series and rock a double off the wall against Corey Kluber when he was in the middle of pitching the game of his life. Muscle memory on a hundred thousand trillion.