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549 Days, The Return Is Here

549 Days ago



549 days. That’s a long fucking time. But we’re here. Today is finally the day. There has been a lot that has happened in those 549 days. A LOT of people have jumped ship on D-Rose, calling him out, saying he’s a disgrace, questioning his toughness and heart. He’s been criticized publicly and privately for the past 6 months. And yes, as I have always maintained, the Bulls, and Reggie, and BJ handled the injury and comeback incorrectly. It could have been a hell of a lot cleaner, but that never meant D-Rose wasn’t coming back and that he would be a top 10 player when he did. So today is the day. Anyone who called him a pussy or said they were done rooting for him can get the fuck out. Derrick Rose is back and he’s going to have a career year. That may be an opinion now but it will soon be fact. Ed is doing a full in depth Bulls preview later but let me just say this. D-Rose is going to win his second MVP and the Bulls will have 60 wins. Win number 1 coming up tonight.




*Took me about 20 minutes to count the days since his injury.