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This New Shia LaBeouf Movie Looks Great And I'm All-In On A Shia LaBeouf Redemption Story

Fuck it. I’m in. That movie looks great and Shia looks great in it. I’m ready to tie myself to a Shia LaBeouf redemption story. He’s always been a fantastic actor he just has a tendency to……..stray from time to time. Most notably his weird-as-fuck performance art stuff. Like watching every movie he’s ever made for three straight days and live streaming it. Or locking himself in an elevator for 24 hours. Or taking calls for 4 days to touch people’s souls. He’s done some weird shit. Let’s put it that way. We’re long removed from the days of him playing Louis Stevens on Disney. But like I said, he’s a pretty great actor when he puts his mind to it. ‘Lawless’ is sneaky one of my favorite movies. Let’s turn this bad boy around, Shia. I’m here for you. In a way, I never left (ignore the countless blogs I’ve written saying you’re a crazy person and that I’m done with you). You’re 30. You’re a young man with a lot in front of you. Let’s make some awesome movies and be one of the greats. Variety compared your “Man Down” performance to Marlon Brando. That’s gotta feel good. Let’s do this thing. Up up and away, my friend.