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Anyone Freaking Out About The Cubs After 1 Single Game Needs To Get Their Head Checked

What the hell is going on today? I walked into the office and everyone is acting like I died last night and was put in a coffin with the 2016 Chicago Cubs. Smitty and Gaz asking me how nervous I am for the snapchat. People on twitter talking about the Indians incredible run and how the Cubs are overmatched. Again, what the hell is going on? It was 1 game. 1 single game the Cubs were shut out by dominant starting pitching. Man, that has never happened before except for the time it happened TWICE in the NLCS and the Cubs still won in 6.

I’m not taking anything away from the Indians, they’re a very good team and scary as fuck and of course they could very well end up winning this thing, but if you’re getting down on the Cubs after 1 game then you haven’t watched this team all year. Even if they lose tonight I won’t be doom and gloom. This weekend is going to be rocking at Wrigley. The most electric crowd of all time. Win tonight and the pressure is all back on the Indians. Lose tonight and I still love our matchups in Game 3 and 4 at home. If you’re freaking out right now, stop. I’ll tell you when it’s time for us to freak out, right now we’re at a 0.0 on the freak out scale, act accordingly.