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The Empire State Building Being Lit Up In Cubs And Indians Colors Is Disrespectful As Fuck To New York City

This right here is Exhibit A, B, and C for why I hate The Empire State Building. Dude has no shame in his game. He is the Drake of skyscrapers. I said it when this fuccbuilding pulled this move in April and I’ll say it again. You cannot rep the colors of out-of-town baseball teams when your city is the home of two baseball teams. And if that wasn’t enough, ol’ Empy didn’t even show off the Indians colors in that tweet. Probably because the Cubs are favored in the Series. But I bet the minute the Indians take a lead, Empy will be dolled up head-to-toe in navy and blue while rocking a head dress and doing the tomahawk chop. And the fact Empy pulls this stunt as the Knicks face the Cavs in Cleveland on Opening Night tells you all you need to know about where his heart lies. People wonder why I have a blood feud with The Empire State Building. THIS is why I have a blood feud with The Empire State Building. What a cocksucker.

You don’t see Lady Liberty roll over when the chips are down for the local teams. And she’s French! This is why I’m Team Freedom Tower for life. Fuck the Empire State Building. Bulldoze it and put up dirt cheap apartments for people that commute 2+ hours each way to put money in the city’s pocket. Hypothetically speaking.

P.S. The Empire State Building can save face if if tweets out that this is the real reason its decked out in red, white, and blue tonight.