Cleveland Sportswriter Keeps His Word, Dives Into Lake Erie Because He Bet Against Indians Making It To The World Series

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Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes on September 17:

The Indians won a ballgame Saturday afternoon, but their postseason dreams ended. Write it down. On Sept. 17, the Indians were eliminated from serious postseason advancement before they even got there. They have 14 regular season games left and they’ll eventually clinch their first AL Central title in nine years. But that’s where it ends, because no team can withstand the losses the Indians have suffered over the last nine days.

Three days later:

In case you missed it, I wrote about this yesterday. The Cleveland sportswriter who wrote off the Tribe in September had made a bet on Twitter that he’d jump into Lake Erie if the Indians made it to the World Series. Part of the story was that he had yet to acknowledge losing that bet at all since the Indians clinched the pennant almost a week ago. All we had was one tweet from an Indians reporter three days ago, not Hoynes, saying that he was, in fact, going to do it.

My take was that if he was going to do it, he had to do it before the World Series started. You can’t run the risk of the Indians losing the World Series, and then doing something that’s supposed to be a happy moment during a sad moment for Indians fans. “Hoynsie, if you have any integrity, you get your ass in that lake before first pitch tomorrow night at 8pm,” is what I wrote. Gotta tip your cap here, because he got his ass in that lake before first pitch. He waited almost until the last minute to do it, but he paid his debt to Indians fans for doubting their team.

My only complaint about this video is that he didn’t let Trevor Bauer know about it before he did it. That’s a complaint from me, because I’m all about that #content. If you’re an Indians fan, then Hoynes did you a favor, because you don’t want Bauer anywhere near a fucking drone until after the World Series, never mind three of them at the same time.