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Brandon Meriweather Continues His Tour Of Idiocy, Says Brandon Marshall Should Be Kicked Out Of The League

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Does Brandon Meriweather understand the concept of replay? Does he get that there are 100 cameras filming each NFL game? I feel like that’s lost on him. I mean there is no way he can sit there and say he leads with his shoulder and doesn’t head hunt unless he thinks instant replay just flat out does not exist. That’s the only explanation. Brandon Meriweather has yet to grasp the concept that what he does on the field can be played back on continuous loop for all of eternity showing him leading with his head basically every NFL Sunday.




Now to the B-Marsh comments.

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I don’t even get what Meriweather is doing here. 1) B-Marsh was cleared of wrongdoing, whether that was a payoff or not I don’t know, but he wasn’t arrested for it. 2) B-Marsh has a diagnosed psychological disorder. Diagnosed. Like doctors that are smarter than all of us have figured out that his brain has issues to the point that he needs to be medicated, little different than a guy who continues to head hunt for no reason whatsoever. 3) and this is the most important part. Since when did Brandon Meriweather become a moral upstanding citizen. Last I checked he’s been involved in a shooting, he curb stomped players during that brawl in college, he’s been arrested for DUI. Again I’m not sure Brandon Meriweather even understands what planet he is on half the time but if this isn’t throwing stones from a glass house I don’t know what is.