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Mastermind Robbers Try To Steal IPad From Pizza Joint In Boystown In Broad Daylight

LAKEVIEW — A thief apparently intent on ripping off an iPad from the counter of a closed pizza joint in Lakeview apparently didn’t consider the device’s security cable while hatching the plan. A video postedto the Facebook page of Pie Hole Pizza Joint, 3477 Broadway, shows the thief casing the place from the sidewalk over the weekend, and then returning to break in. The video shows the thief smashing the front window around 8 a.m. Saturday, knocking out the loose glass and then climbing into the store. The thief then tried to grab an iPad on the shop’s counter used for the Belly customer-loyalty program.



These guys are so fucking dumb I actually sort of respect them. Like when someone does something so stupid it sneaky becomes smart. Couple of black guys in one of the whitest neighborhoods in Chicago smashing an enormous window in broad daylight just so they can steal a 400 dollar ipad that happens to be tethered to the wall with an indestructible steel cable? You would never expect such stupidity, and that’s why it’s brilliant.  Never saw it coming, except we all sort of did, but you get my point.



I used to get delivery from Piehole when I lived above Redmonds on Sheffield. It’s actually really good pizza and calling up for delivery and having a flaming gay guy answer the phone “Thank you for calling my piehole” is fantastic.