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Turns Out That Kabaddi (Extreme Tag) Is A Great Way To Nearly Get Your Head Kicked Off Your Shoulders

If you’re like me, you first learned that Kabaddi is a real thing that exists in the world yesterday. Since then, I have been eating and sleeping and living Kabaddi. Kabaddi highlight video after kabaddi highlight video. Which brings us to this clip of some poor sack of shit damn near getting his head kicked right off his shoulders.



So I guess the question we’re now wondering is “does Kabaddi need enforcers?”. I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. It’s a contact sport. Some times things like this are just going to happen. But the players should still have the ability to self-police the game out there. Maybe guys won’t be so reckless with their head kicks if they know they’re gonna have a face full of fist coming their way after.

Also–this is just another reason why I am certain Kabaddi could really take off here in America. Every other sports league here is so worried about head injuries these days. It’s concussions this, CTE that. Every league is trying to get headshots out of the game. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see a sport like Kabaddi that just doesn’t seem to give a fuck.