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A Kid Punched A Teacher During A Fight, Got KO'd By Another Kid Who Was Mad He Disrespected The Teacher

Ohhhh look at Mr. Class Suck Up here. I mean it’s a genius move really, that this kid would throw a sneak punch on a kid being held back then chastise the other two idiots fighting and look like a hero defending both the teacher and the very tenets of education. Hell maybe if your grades are slipping you pay your buddies to fake a fight, step in and save the day with a punch, the teacher is so impressed that you did that instead of yelling WorldStar and all of a sudden an F on a pop quiz suddenly becomes an A thanks to extra credit. Then you go viral, get on The Today Show as an example of a hero kid who just wants to learn, and the kids you paid off know that you could beat the shit out of them if they let the media know. Granted this is like an evil genius level scheme but with the hormones in food and kids hitting puberty earlier who knows what they’re capable of.

At the same time though, I don’t think that kid breaking it up could be faking it if he tried. That is a kid who fucking loves learning. Odell Beckham III here needed to be held back from pummeling kids into the ground because he respects his teacher and the education she’s trying to provide THAT much. Truly a best case scenario of the public school system.