Sorry Rest Of The World, The Oshies Already Won Halloween

They are the best. The first family of hockey are as wonderful as ever, and girls on Instagram literally can’t even with them. Family goals for days. LITERALLY CRYING.

But beyond being the perfect family, the Caps Halloween party was this weekend and was pretty great as well, highlighted by Tom Wilson and Andre Burakovsky going as Dale and Brennan

John Carlson and his wife going as cops

Ovi’s billionaire wife singing karaoke dressed as a cop

While inmate Ovi looked on (with his very Russian friend dressed as the most deadly Minion of all time)

And of course, the Oshies

And finally, a shout out to good ol’ American boy Zach Stanford for his great rendition of Sweet Caroline, paying homage to his time at BC

They might have lost to the Rangers Saturday, but the Halloween party more than made up for it.

PS: We still have some Oshie shirts in the store, just a truly fantastic shirt.

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