A Giant Spider Carrying Around A Dead Mouse Is The Most Australian Thing Ever

God dammit I want to love Australia. Their accents are great, their beaches are beautiful, and everything about them just seems cool. But when I see videos like this, I immediately don’t trust any Aussies and erase any thoughts in my brain of ever going to Australia. Because that video is beyond fucked up. I like most people would be shrieking like a little bitch if I saw a giant spider OR a mouse in my house. But to see that spider ready to feast on the carcass of a dead mouse is so above my toughness, I don’t even know what to think. But to then film it and say how cool it is lets you know just how fucked up life in Australia is. Australians are like the weird kid in elementary school from a fucked up home that loved looking at dead animals and playing with fire. They don’t give a fuck about living with nothing. But they are also the real cool kid with the accent everyone likes. Those two kids were never the same person in school, yet they somehow embody every Aussie I see on the internet. I love you Australia, but I don’t trust your citizens as far as they can throw me because you basically live on Monster Island (don’t worry it’s just a name. Monster Island is actually a peninsula).