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The Ravens Stink.

Screenshot 2016-10-23 at 3.58.14 PM

Welp. Season’s over folks. This team is garbage through and through. I never thought for a second that this team was destined to do great things, but I thought a respectable 10-6 and a playoff trip might’ve been in the cards. Turns out nothing’s changed from last year. They turn the ball over, they give up huge plays, they commit costly penalties… they do all the things that loser football teams do. It’s a headache to watch. I mean the Jets are terrible. Absolutely terrible. They spotted the Ravens an easy touchdown in the most Jets way possible and the Ravens still found a way to lose to them. Didn’t even get in the end zone on offense. What a horrendous football game. What a horrendous football team. I’m so glad the bye is here because I don’t have to watch this abortion of a team next Sunday.