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In Honor Of OSU vs. PSU, An Old Video Of Me Pretending To Be An Ohio State Student Reporter

Back in 2007, before Penn State’s football program was cloaked with the embarrassment of being a national punchline, Happy Valley was actually a happy place. I was 19 at the time, showing a precocious predilection for creating content, back when humble little Davíd Pageviews was riding his Huffy around Boston chucking trifold tabloids onto his unsuspecting neighbors’ lawns. I was a student up at Penn State and I pretended to be a campus reporter from Ohio State. I (clearly) made up the show Buckeye Nation, and took to the pavement. The video is rich with with 2007 nostalgia, from Borat impersonators to Jim Tressell references to the general levity of not yet carrying the guilt by association of supporting a program that unleashed and enabled one of the greatest predatory serial molestors of our time. Enjoy!