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"Porzingis" AKA The Hottest Jam In The Universe Takes Us Into The Weekend

Actual, real life fire was coming out of my speakers when I was listening to this song to go along with the heart emojis popping out of my eyeballs. Honestly there is a 99% chance that I would love any song about my Latvian angel. But Kenny Shane’s lyrics as well as the hook and the beat were all fantastic. Plus reliving the pure joy of Kristaps’ rookie year was pretty easy on the eyes. I think it’s clear this goes on the Mount Rushmore of bangers about Kristaps Porzingis. The fact that there have already been three rap songs about The 6litch makes me so damn proud.

Actually you know what, I don’t care if it’s cheating. This is on the Mount Rushmore as well. At least until someone makes a fourth Porzingis song to knock it off of the Mount Rushmore.

Have a great weekend everyone!