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Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo's Aggressive Cleavage Drove The Internet NUTS During The Al Smith Dinner

I honestly don’t even remember hearing about the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner until last night when it seemed like everyone on Earth was talking about it on social media. Apparently it turned into a Comedy Central Roast at parts between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton but the real star of the show was Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo bringing the twins out to party in the name of quality Catholic fundraising:

If you go here you can see legit hundreds of guys around the globe screengrabbing those big natties and needing to share it on social media. It’s just hilarious how something so basic, not even pornographic in any way, and men (and maybe even some women) around the globe are worked up into a FROTH just because there’s a pair of quality 49-year-old weighty ones on the screen. Heaving MILF tits, the universal language we can all speak regardless of political affiliation or creed.

Also it cracked me up that these are the photos Maria Bartiromo decided to post from the event…notice something missing?

If you’re gonna go all out with an outfit like that in a very visible spot, at least own it. Tits McGee in the Mornings is a Fox Business show a lot of people could really get behind.