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Bill Clinton Once Dropped The Suavest Pick-Up Move I've Ever Heard In My Life

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h/t Blanco

I’ve gone back to read that tweet about 50 times today and I’m sure by the time I lay my head to rest the number is easily going to surpass 100. It’s AMAZING. Just fucking next level game on Wild Bill.

You know, a lot of us grow up hearing tales of greatness. I was young when Clinton was in office and over the years I’ve heard him called Slick Willy and Wild Bill and all that, but I’d never really heard specific stories aside from that whole cigar in the Oval Office messy business. But this? This is stuff of legends. Finally seeing the famous cocksman in action, out in the wild, brings with it such a level of respect. It’s like how my dad used to talk about Bobby Orr all the time and I’d kinda just say he’s great in agreement, then he sat me down and made me watch him and I realized, “Holy fuck, dad wasn’t kidding. This guy is a legend of the game.” Same goes for Larry Bird, or Roger Clemens. People like this are rare, the ones who not only have the tales told, but once you see them in action they actually exceed your expectations. Bill Clinton is officially such a man. “I just wanted to show you how good Clinton looked on top of Leslie.” If I witnessed that live I’d fucking pass out then die.