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Kanye's Proposal To Kim Kardashian Was Totally Understated And Humble


Just a nice private alone moment for two young kids in love. A thousand pounds of fireworks, rented out baseball stadium, orchestra, a billion cameras and hundreds of friends. Can’t get more humble than that. So happy for these two.



I have an honest question. Is Kanye West the dumbest motherfucker on planet earth? I mean what the fuck are you doing man. Even in a vacuum this is fucking awful. But when you throw in the fact that 1) You already have a kid with her so you really didn’t have to do anything and 2) You’ll be divorced in under a year anyway, this has to be the single biggest waste of money I have ever seen in my life. And yeah I know you’re rich and blah blah blah but money is money. And anyone who wastes even a cent to make Kim Kardashian’s dream come true needs to be shot. Sorry, if that’s harsh but that’s  how I feel. If you made her happy for even a second I hate you, straight up.


I mean look at her face. That’s not love. That’s I’m so fucking pumped that I just got all of this guy’s cash.






Renting an orchestra to play your own music is sort of a boss move, I’ll give him that.