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Todd Bowles Trashes Geno Calling Him A "Backup Player"...Geno Officially Named Sunday's Starter 12 Hours Later


12 hours ago:

NY Post - If Todd Bowles is ticked off about Geno Smith’s recent behavior, the Jets coach isn’t showing it. Smith had told ESPN before the game that he was “getting antsy” riding the bench, then was spotted throwing ice and a brief tantrum on the sideline when Ryan Fitzpatrick was intercepted in the end zone in Monday night’s 28-3 road loss to the Cardinals. Speaking Tuesday afternoon on a conference call, Bowles didn’t appear to hold Smith’s pregame comments or his sideline antics after Fitzpatrick’s interception against him. “I don’t have any thoughts on a backup player saying anything,” Bowles said of Smith’s “antsy” remark. “They’re backups for a reason, and if they get a chance to play, they better prove themselves to be worthy of playing, regardless of who the person is.”

Right now:

Good to see everyone on the same page! Is it important for a head coach and their quarterback to be in sync? I’m not sure I dont think IVE EVER FUCKING SEEN IT HAPPEN so I couldnt tell you from experience. I actually loved Todd Bowles throwing Geno in a body bag last night but when everyone is together in the morgue, does it really even count? And you cant openly call a dude a back up and say you dont care what he thinks and then 12 HOURS later hes named the starter. Kinda ruins your whole point, you know?

Anyway, who cares who starts for the Jets? Everyone sucks. Its like choosing between AIDS and Cancer. Fitz or Geno? Herpes or genital warts? Pick one! People actually calling for Bryce Petty like he’s gonna be the answer. Ready 4 Petty! Does anything rhyme with Hackenberg? Because I’m sure there are some dumb ass Jets fans using that motto to call for him to start too. I swear to God the whole Jets fan base is like a bunch of goldfish. Whoever isnt currently SUCKING directly in front of their eyes, they get convinced that person is the answer. Completely forget what they looked like when they were playing. Completely forget just how much the fucking BLOW because they havent seen them play in a little while. Completely NUTS. Calling for your third string QB Bryce GODDAM Petty! What planet are we on!

All of these guys STINK. All of them will throw a billion interceptions. All of them will probably lose every single game they play. But here we go! Its Geno Time! A Star Is Born! “He was thrown into an unfair situation!” “This is the most talent hes ever played with!?” “He can throw the ball down field!” HEY. WAKE UP. This dude SUCKS. Never forget:

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