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Dude Jumps Off An 8 Story Roof And We Were Thisssss Close To Being Lucky Enough To See Him Smash Into A Dock

ThrillistThe daredevil known only as 8Booth continues to scramble around Southern California in search of gut-wrenchingly high places to leap from. He’s previously taken a four-story jump into a pool and had a close call on a rocky cliff, but none of his exploits have gone quite as high as he does in this new video.

8Booth, who calls himself “a professional,” climbs the stairs of what appears to be an apartment building sitting over the edge of Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, California. Once he’s on the roof, you see it’s not only a long way down, once he gets to the water there are some significant obstacles he needs to avoid.

He wastes no time and leaps — providing two different views from GoPros on his face and hand — and comes awfully close to making contact with the furthest dock from the building. But he clears it and appears to have landed an eight-story jump into the water without destroying his body. As the man says in the video’s description, don’t try this yourself. You’ll probably hurt yourself. Also, the police aren’t super fond of this kind of antic.


Hey I don’t hate on any of these extreme-sporting, do-it-for-the-rush daredevils, they’ve got balls a LOT bigger than mine to be able to do this shit. Just don’t hate on me when I only click on them and watch with the hopes that they land directly on a solid object and splatter like a bug on the windshield. That’s just human nature and honestly kind of what you deserve at some point if you describe yourself a professional “sick jumper.”

SKIP TO 1:08 FOR THE JUMP! Thanks everyone for waiting on this insane video, I promise it was worth the wait! Massive 129′ building drop into the Harbor dodging a dock. Recorded with a GoPro Hero 5 Black (mouth mounted) and a Hero 5 Session (hand mount). Subscribe for more sick jumps and don’t try this at home, I’m a professional.

You watch NASCAR for the crashes, you watch extreme jumpers for the eventual depth perception miscalculation. That’s not mean spirited that’s just in our DNA folks.