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The Jets Franchise Is Eternally Doomed

Listen the Jets are fucked. Always have been, always will be. But what they’re staring at right now is fucking BAD. I’m talking the sort of situation that sets you back like 10 years. And thats right after the Butt Fumble game and the first Geno Smith stint had them already set back. Fitz is obviously cooked. Hes done. Last year was the anomaly and he completely lost the bet he placed on himself. Geno Smith is a joke. Some Jets fans were clamoring for Geno simply because they forgot just how bad Geno was. Hadnt seen him suck week after week. Remember when Geno Smith tried to put the ball behind his back like he was on the And 1 Tour? Remember when he threw 3 interceptions in 10 minutes in the first quarter against the Bills? He is TRASH and after a 1+ year on the bench hes only going to be worse.

Both have their contracts expiring and then the Jets really find themselves in no mans land. We’re talking Cleveland Browns shit. A revolving door of rookies and journeymen for the next 10 years. Its about to get even worse than its been which is almost hard to fathom because its been embarrassing as fuck for, I dunno, like 50 years? No end in sight. No answer in sight. Cuncel Da Franchise.