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Flyers Prospect Pascal Laberge Was On The Receiving End Of A Vicious Headshot

Holy fucking shit. That was terrifying. Victoriaville Tigre and Philadelphia Flyers prospect Pascal Laberge got caught with a predatory elbow to the head in QMJHL action over the weekend and that was ugly. His stick went flying 20 feet in the air, I don’t even want to know what it looked or sounded like at ice level. Laberge suffered a concussion on this hit and I’d be perfectly fine with leaving him in a padded room for the rest of the season. No need to risk any more injuries to that brain before he even gets a shot in Philly.

But let me say something real quick. Obviously I want Zachary Malatesta tried and murdered because Laberge is a Flyers prospect. Obviously Allan Walsh wants Zachary Malatesta tried and murdered because Laberge is one of his clients. But taking some bias out of this… well I don’t know. He clearly drove his elbow through the contact which is a fucking dirtball move and Malatesta should face some sort of suspension for that. If you want to throw your body around like a tough guy out there, keep your fucking hands and elbows down. Biggest scumbag move in the game to bring your arms up like that. But as for cleaning somebody’s clock breaking out of the zone? I don’t have an issue with it outside of the way he actually made contact. I feel like the QMJHL is such a skill league that guys often forget they can get decapitated on the ice if they don’t keep their head on a swivel every second they’re out there. I don’t want to say this was a good learning experience for the kid because he got caught with a gross cheap shot and there’s nothing you can really do about that. But you know what I’m saying.

Oh, and good on Victoriaville teammate James Phelan for dropping the gloves before Laberge’s stick even had a chance to land. Usually not a fan of guys throwing punches after the refs already break it up but this definitely qualified for one.

P.S. – not the first Malatesta has tried to kill a guy.