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Reader Email - Is This The Greatest Resume Of All Time Or The Greatest Resume Of All Time?

Reader Email

Backstory of how I got the greatest resume ever written in my possession–I’m a recruiter and had posted a position on LinkedIn. Normally, I weed out international applicants. There was a higher power looking out for me on this one. It was late Friday afternoon, and I was clicking through some of the resumes when I stumbled upon the greatest piece of literature ever created. Please make sure to scroll through all 25 (twenty-five!) pages of this resume. 

Resume 1 Resume 2 Resume 3 Resume 4 Resume 6 Resume 7 Resume 8 Resume 9 Resume 10 Resume 11 Resume 12 Resume 13 Resume 14 Resume 15 Resume 16 Resume 17 Resume 18 Resume 19 Resume 20 Resume 21 Resume 22 Resume 23 Resume 24 Resume 25 Resume 26 Resume 27 Resume 28 Resume 29

What a roller coaster ride that was.    I mean I was all in on this guy right up until this part of the resume.


No chance this dude works out.  Like who are you kidding Muhammad?  You have the flabbiest body of all time.  It’s almost like he forgot he included a bazillion pictures of himself.

BUT he drew me back in with his weaknesses page.    His only weakness is he works so hard that he neglects every single aspect of his life except working hard.   Dwight Schrute 101. You can’t teach that shit.