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This Billboard Ends The Threat Of ISIS

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 2.52.36 PM

MIAMI – A new billboard proclaiming that ISIS “sucks” has popped up in South Florida.

The new billboard, located on Interstate 75 just west of State Road 826, proclaims, “Hey ISIS, you suck!!!”
The billboard is part of a campaign organized by Sound Vision, a public relations firm that is looking to make a distinction between ISIS and Muslims.

“A group of American-Muslim professionals organized like-minded concerned Muslims to raise funds for this campaign,” said Mohammad Siddiqi, executive director of Sound Vision. “These are common folks, and the billboard is their declaration of independence from ISIS.”

That’s the end of it, folks. That’s where it ends. The threat of ISIS is over. Not sure how you recover from a brutal billboard like this if you are ISIS. Sure you’ve spent the better portion of the last few years pillaging lands and cutting people’s heads off like barbarians but this billboard is too much for even that group.

I bet ISIS was in the middle of doing some exceedingly wicked shit when they got wind of this billboard and immediately folded up shop. Had to.

All that effort in photoshop, making the payments for the billboards, and getting the color of the billboard just right and all you can come up with is the Micheal Scott of billboards? Hey Isis, you suck. Boom, roasted.

I would have preffered something a little more elevated. Something like this.


Screen shot 2010-06-27 at 10.08.28 PM

Got your asses, bitcc.